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Cannabidiol Oil Uses in Treating Cancer
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Cannabidiol for Cancer Treatment 

Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid, one of more than 85 of these types of chemical compounds, which are found in the cannabis plant. Of the 85 cannabinoids, only 2 have so far found notoriety. One of these is THC which is well known for its psychoactive properties (used by people to create that feeling of being “high”), and the second is CBD which has become popular over the last few decades. CBD is non-psychoactive and has become known mostly for its apparent health benefits. Medical marijuana has been made legal in many places over the past few years, although it is still not legal everywhere. This has opened the doors for more research to be done, and with it, more discoveries on the uses of CBD. With the results achieved to date, many people are now demanding to be allowed access to treatment with CBD, so there is hope that this product will become regulated and more available for people to use that need it.

Why would you use CBD for cancer?

Established cancer treatments have many side effects and are not always effective in treating cancer in all its forms. For many years there has been research done on a wide variety of medications, herbs and so forth in the attempt to find something that can help treat this life threatening disease. Millions of people die from cancer every year and the current treatments are extremely expensive and affect the quality of life of sufferers on many levels. CBD may offer an alternative to current treatments and many are willing to try cannabidiol in an effort to improve their quality of life.

What does the science say?

While there has been minimal research done so far, the studies and research done to date has shown the potential of CBD as a cancer treatment. CBD has shown success in treating tumors as well as reducing the spread of cancers in the body. In various countries where the study of CBD is being allowed, there are a lot of positive results coming through in relation to improving health of cancer patients with CBD. The human body is prone to cell death from various causes. The cell death that occurs without added inflammation is called apoptosis. In relation to the death of cancer cells in tumors and so forth, it is preferable that apoptosis occurs instead of cell death accompanied by inflammation in the body. At this point it appears that CBD kills cancer cells with apoptosis without death or damage to surrounding cells. Chemotherapy and similar treatments do not necessarily target individual cancer cells but attack all cells that are growing. This means that healthy cells including those of your immune system are killed along with the cancer cells. This leaves you open to secondary infections with nothing in your body to fight it. Chemotherapy is toxic and damages many other parts of your body while treating the tumors and cancer cells in your body. When tested, CBD was shown only to target the specific cancer cells without damage to the immune system or other cells in the body.

More information on CBD and cancer treatment

While CBD and THC is extracted from cannabis, there is also a synthetic version of THC already on the market. This synthetic cannabinoid is used for treating vomiting and nausea due to chemotherapy treatment. This drug is approved by the FDA but is usually only used as a last resort when other commercial preparations do not work. As more is known about the properties and applications of cannabis plant extracts so the legislation regarding the legalization of cannabis products should hopefully change as well. CBD is not yet legal in many places and most medical professionals will not endorse or prescribed cannabidiol or other cannabis extracts especially for treatment of life threatening illnesses such as cancer.

As the demand for alternative cancer treatments grows and the research improves, so we can expect a number of treatments being made available using CBD as a base. There is a lot of hope for CBD as a tumor fighter as well as offering benefits for pain, inflammation, nausea, vomiting and many other issues experienced by cancer sufferers. is such a site where you can find additional information on CBD and other cannabis products.

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