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Cannabidiol Oil Uses in Treating Cancer

Cannabidiol Oil for Treating Cancer

CBD oil or cannabidiol Oil is derived from the cannabis plant. CBD is just one of the cannabinoids found in these plants. CBD can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana plants and is found in the leaves, stems and flowers. Unlike the better known cannabinoid THC, CBD is not mind altering or psychoactive. THC has been researched for treatment on cancer patients and CBD oil may prove to be more effective without the risks as experienced with THC.

Cannabidiol Oil as a treatment for cancer

CBD oil-based products can be used in cancer treatment in various different ways. It is currently recommended as a possible supplement to conventional cancer treatment as opposed to being a replacement for established treatments. Cannabidiol oil has been shown to assist in reducing the impact of many cancer treatment side effects as well as some of the impact of the disease itself.

National Cancer Institute results of treating cancer with CBD oil

One of the many studies and research that is being done was one carried out by the National Cancer Institute itself on whether or not CBD oil can be used when treating cancer. The results were very promising. Animal research on mice with lung cancer and in-vivo tests showed positive results when using CBD oil. The American Cancer institute found the following effects: CBD prevented blood flow to existing tumors, preventing them from growing; CDB blocked the growth of cancer cells; CBD reduced pain and inflammation; CBD assisted in fighting viruses; CBD relieved muscle spasms; CBD relieved anxiety and made users feel better physically and mentally.

What do the findings mean for cancer treatment?

Firstly, by inhibiting the growth of tumors, CBD prevents the cancer from spreading any further and may actually assist the body with killing off cancer cells. CBD oil can also assist in preventing infection by viruses by strengthening the immune system. CBD oil can also help with reducing the effects of the established cancer treatment by stimulating appetite and reducing nausea and vomiting. CBD oil may also assist in reducing pain from cancer.

How is CBD oil used for treatment?

CBD oil can be administered in many ways, the most common is through ingesting the oil in food, drinks, shakes or as drops swallowed directly. CBD oil can also be used in creams and oils that are rubbed directly on to the skin. Some people find that inhaling the oil as a vapor also gives excellent results.

Some cancers with good response to CBD oil

Research has been carried out using CBD oil as a treatment for a number of cancers. Some of those that have had the best responses are listed here. CBD hinders the growth of tumors in breast cancer as well as actually reducing the size of the tumor overall. CBD Oil can reduce the growth of cancer cells that cause prostate cancer. Pancreatic tumor cells are prevented from spreading and increasing. Oral tumors show a decrease in size with CBD oil treatment. CBD oil has also shown positive results in reducing the cancer cells associated with lung cancer. Leukemia and other blood cancers have also shown some decrease with the use of CBD oil.

When looking at the overwhelmingly positive results noticed in the research to date, there is definitely no question that CBD oil may prove to be a benefit to cancer sufferers. Whether it is taken as a health supplement, adjunct to established treatment or eventually as a replacement to the current treatments which introduce huge amounts of toxic chemicals to the body, remains to be seen. Unfortunately at this point there is no official stamp of approval on CBD oil as a treatment for cancer despite the positive results found through research to date.

More information can be found on research websites and sites dedicated to CBD oil such as

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