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Cannabidiol Oil Uses in Treating Cancer
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Could CBD be the treatment cancer sufferers have been waiting for?

Millions of people are dying every year from cancer while others suffer from the disease, experiencing a lower quality of life, disfiguring surgery and side effects from the medications used to control the spread of the disease. Cancer has become such a factor that up to one third of people will experience some form of cancer in their lives with up to 60^of those diagnosed with the disease passing away from it. This means that all possible cures for cancer need to be investigated. Can CBD perhaps hold promise as a cure for this life threatening illness?

Is CBD a possible cure?

CBD has been shown to be very effective in treating many of the side effects of established cancer treatments such as nausea, vomiting, anxiety, pain, insomnia, inflammation and lack of appetite. New research has shown that CBD could possibly offer a lot more than this. A lot more trials and research is required before CBD can be used as an alternative treatment, but there is some hope that CBD could treat cancer a lot more naturally and with less side effects that the usual treatments. The research shows that CBD does have some anti-cancer properties. Some animal tests have shown that CBD can prevent the spread of cancer as well as reducing the size of tumors without any harm to the surrounding cells. There are also a number of anecdotal testimonies to the efficacy of CBD for treating cancer as well as a number of other ailments. Scientific research requires a lot more proof before it will endorse CBD as a cancer cure though.

How is CBD applied?

For cancer treatment CBD oil is used in a variety of forms depending on the stage the cancer is it, general health and lifestyle. CBD is being purchased on the gray market currently in places where it cannot be legally prescribed as well as being used for purposes other than those which it was prescribed for. This means that many people are already using CBD to treat their own cancers, with or without the approval of their doctors. While this is not recommended, often people become desperate and will try medications to try and alleviate their suffering. CBD cannot be overdosed and does not have very many side effects that have been noted to date. The main side effects seem to be related to any other medications that are being taken concurrently. CBD in any form should be purchased from a reliable supplier and the dosages taken as per those recommended for treatment.

How is cannabidiol oil stored?

CBD oil needs to be kept in a fridge or a cool, dark, dry cupboard. The oil has quite a long shelf life. The suppositories would need to be kept in a freezer and be allowed to defrost slightly before use. Creams should be stored the same as your usual body lotions. Store capsules and tinctures as per the directions in the package insert.

Cannabidiol information

CBD can be diluted with carried oils to create CBD oil or used in a concentrated form, especially when a higher dose is required such as for treating cancers. CBD has been shown to promote well-being and health and improve a number of ailments including neurological disorders and cancer. CBD is not psychoactive and as such will not give you the feeling of being high. CBD used to treat cancers may however contain some THC which makes it more effective in treating certain cancers. CBD also works as a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory which is also useful when treating cancer. CBD can be used for other conditions and successfully treats anxiety, depression, stress, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes and promotes general well being.

Cannabidiol is a natural product with minimal side effects that has been used to treat a number of different ailments and shows excellent promise as a treatment for cancer. Hopefully further research will determine the best dosages and ascertain if there may be any long term detrimental results from using CBD for extended periods of time.
Research information is available on a number of sites including to further your knowledge on CBD as a treatment for cancer.

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