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Cannabidiol Oil Uses in Treating Cancer


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When it comes to cancer there are many snake oil treatments out there, promising the earth but delivering nothing more than a lighter pocket. Cancer treatment and prevention is complicated and we do not have all the answers as yet. Fortunately there is a lot of research being done and hopefully a lot more that will be done to show the benefits of CBD and CBD oil. This site, has been set up to show case some of the studies and research that has been published to date as well as give some information and insight as to how CBD and CBD oil works in the human body.

CBD and CBD oil is not only used for cancer treatment but is being used to treat many more serious and not so serious diseases and ailments. CBD works with our own body, targeting the endocannabinoid system in our bodies to stimulate it to achieve homeostasis naturally, bringing a natural equilibrium and improving mental ans physical well-being.

What is CBD and CBD oil?

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and is known as cannabidiol. It is one of 85 or more cannabinoids found in this plant and is the second most prolific after THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid. THC is better known than CBD due to its use as a recreational drug to create a feeling of euphoria (high). CBD appears to have all the benefits of THC without the detrimental effects.

CBD and CBD oil is not a cure all, but there has been some remarkable results achieved to date from people using this cannabis extract. The research has shown a lot of positive potential with minimal side effects. People already using CBD and CBD oil as a supplementary treatment for cancer have had some great results and there are numerous testimonials on the internet from people who have used CBD. You don’t need to take out word for it. We have linked to research done in our blogs and of course, you can search the internet to read up on stories of people that have actually achieved great results using CBD and CBD oil to treat cancer.